Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA) is a pro bono legal referral service connecting artists, performers, cultural organizations and creative business to volunteer attorneys. CAFTA also offers educational presentations, webinars, consultation clinics and resources.

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Who does CAFTA serve?

CAFTA serves individual artists, cultural nonprofits and creative businesses across Colorado. Our definition of “arts” and “creative” is open and inclusive. Clients may include filmmakers, musical groups, visual artists, photographers, actors/directors, craft artisans, writers, designers, creative entrepreneurs and nonprofit cultural organizations.  Clients must demonstrate financial need in order to be matched for pro bono (free) legal services. Please review the Pro Bono Client Legal Referral Agreement (updated for 2024), which outlines CAFTA’s requirements, expectations and process for eligible applicants.  

If you don’t qualify for pro bono legal assistance based on your income, CAFTA may still be able to seek a referral on your behalf. It would be up to you and any potential attorney to negotiate that arrangement. Contact for more information on that process. 

Who are the volunteer attorneys?

CAFTA works to connect potential creative clients with volunteer attorneys in our database. CAFTA volunteer attorneys represent a wide range of practice areas and legal expertise. They hail from national firms with Colorado offices to general practitioners.  Registering as a CAFTA volunteer attorney is not a commitment to take on a particular matter or client.  It means you will be notified about pro bono opportunities and you can offer assistance based on your expertise, availability and interests. Please review the Description of Pro Bono Services before registering as a CAFTA Volunteer Attorney. 

Attorneys can review currently available pro bono opportunities on CAFTA’s online Case List.  CAFTA also participates in Colorado’s Succession to Service pro bono platform.

What types of cases does CAFTA accept?

CAFTA’s volunteer attorneys provide pro bono legal services on specific, arts-related matters. CAFTA addresses the following general legal areas:

  • Corporate and general business
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark and licensing)
  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation
  • Dispute resolution (mediation and negation)
  • Nonprofit formation and tax exemption
  • Employment and labor
  • Landlord/tenant

Legal referrals are only provided for matters related to your or your business’ work in the creative industries. For example, a CAFTA volunteer attorney can help with a landlord/tenant issue but only if it is related to a studio or business space (not a personal residence). Other examples of CAFTA cases include: performance contracts, photography licensing agreements, incorporating a new creative business, or negotiations between artist and gallery. CAFTA will only consider one legal matter per application at a time.

CAFTA does not provide referral for some legal matters, such as traffic, criminal, divorce/domestic/family, or personal injury. For disputes and adversarial situations, CAFTA volunteer attorneys can assist with negotiation and settlement but are not expected to assist with litigation or arbitration.  CAFTA cannot guarantee a referral for pro bono legal referral.

If you are looking for assistance with a patent, please visit The Pro Bono Patent program (ProBoPat).  ProBoPat, administered by Mi Casa, seeks to connect low-income inventors who are residents of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming with patent professionals for patent preparation and legal services on a pro bono or significantly reduced fee basis.

How much will this cost me?

If you are referred to a volunteer attorney and he/she agrees to take on your matter, the legal services will be provided pro bono or free of charge.  We are very grateful to our volunteer attorneys and their generosity. The scope of your legal engagement will be negotiated and agreed on between you and the volunteer attorney directly. CAFTA is only a referral service.

You may be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses including filing fees, long-distance phone calls, charges for copying, messengers, etc. that may be required in relation to your matter.  It is your responsibility to discuss potential expenses with your volunteer attorney.

CAFTA requires a non-refundable administration fee in order to seek a referral.

  • Individual Artist: $50
  • Nonprofit Organization: $75
  • For Profit Organization: $100

There is no fee to submit an initial application.  If your application is eligible for a legal referral through CAFTA, we will contact you regarding next steps. Once your application is officially approved, we will require that you submit the non-refundable administration fee and a signed Pro Bono Client Legal Referral Agreement.

CAFTA is not a law firm, does not provide any legal advice or services, and will not represent you as your attorney. CAFTA is an informational resource and referral service.

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