Here is the list of arts-related pro bono opportunities that are currently seeking a referral through Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA). Thanks for your interest in providing legal assistance to support Colorado’s artists, performers, cultural organizations and creative businesses.

If you are interested in taking on one of the CAFTA matters below, please contact and reference the case # in the subject line.

Available CAFTA Matters

Updated June 2, 2021

#21020 [Copyright Ownership] 

Client is an author and self-publisher. Client would like to publish a new edition of a nonfiction book originally published in 1950. Client is seeking legal assistance to determine the current status of the book’s copyright and, if necessary, what action the Client could take to obtain permission to publish a new edition. Client believes the copyright was renewed in 1977 and the original author died in 1980.

#21034 [Intellectual Property] 

Client is a music producer who creates beats. Client is sole owner and creator of the works. Client is currently receiving request to license out their music and is seeking legal assistance to exclusively license intellectual property, protect their ownership rights and receive royalties.

#21036 [Expungement] 

Client is a glass artist currently living in a homeless shelter in Colorado Springs. Client is looking for legal assistance to file civil expungement paperwork in St. Louis so that he can work as an artist in Colorado. Client is seeking attorney assistance to review the paperwork before he submits it.


Check out CAFTA’s Description of Pro Bono Services to learn more about the referral process and expectations for volunteer attorneys.