Here is the list of arts-related pro bono opportunities that are currently seeking a referral through Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA). Thanks for your interest in providing legal assistance to support Colorado’s artists, performers, cultural organizations and creative businesses.

If you are interested in taking on one of the CAFTA matters below, please contact and reference the case # in the subject line.

Available CAFTA Matters

Updated May 16, 2024

#24038 [Employee Benefits Law] NEW

Client is a 501c3 nonprofit theatre organization. Due to organizational changes, there were 3-4 years where employee retirement deductions were being taken out but were not sent to the plan. A new retirement plan was subsequently started and these previous deductions were not rolled over. Client has consulted their retirement plan broker, auditor, and accountant, but it is not clear what needs to be done. Client is seeking legal counsel to resolve this matter.
*Client does not qualify for pro bono assistance based on their annual budget size.


#24041 [Breach of Contract] NEW

Client is a photographer. Client is seeking legal assistance to address a breach of contract and unpaid cancellation fee. Client signed a contract with a mountain hotel to do two photoshoots. The first photoshoot was completed, and the Client was paid for half of the contract. The second photoshoot was scheduled for March 2024, but the hotel cancelled four days in advance due to a mechanical issue. The hotel has not responded to requests to reschedule the second photoshoot, or to pay the remainder of the contract since the photoshoot was cancelled less than a week in advance.


#24036 [Contract Drafting] NEW

Client is a metalsmith. Client recently received a residential commission to create two original chandeliers and a sculpture. Client is seeking legal assistance to draft an agreement for this residential commission.


#23098 [Contract Dispute] 

Client is an audio producer and podcaster. Client was contracted by a nonprofit that advances podcasting in 2022 for audio production work and teaching. The contract was for one year, and Client agreed to be paid a monthly honorarium for her work. Four months into the contract, the nonprofit notified the Client that they could no longer pay the agreed honorarium. Instead, Client was offered lower hourly rate to complete a smaller amount of work, which the Client completed in 2023. Client is seeking legal assistance to address the potential breach of contract and recover the remainder that was due on the original contract.


#24029 [Nonprofit Formation] 

Client is a visual artist. Client is seeking legal assistance to form a new 501c3 nonprofit organization. The nonprofit will produce a mural festival designed specifically for the deaf community, featuring deaf visual artists and community programs. Client needs legal assistance forming the entity, filing for tax-exempt status with the IRS, and drafting governing documents.


#24028  [Business Entity Counsel] 

Client is a visual artist. Client is working on a project that combines a large-scale public art sculpture with conversations and community engagement about mental health and suicide. Client would like to solicit donations as one way to help fund the project. Client is seeking legal counsel on the ideal entity type for this project. For example, is a 501c3 entity necessary to solicit donations?


#24016 [Monetized Video Suspension] 
Client is a content creator using Facebook Meta with a track record of monetized videos of travels through Colorado and Asia. Client’s account experienced a six-month advertising suspension last year and recently experienced another suspension. Client is unclear how and why their content violates community guidelines, which was the reason stated for the suspensions. Client is seeking legal assistance to prevent further advertising suspensions and to determine if their past suspensions, which led to lost revenue, were appropriate


#24001 [Employment and Copyright] 

Client is a visual artist. Client is seeking legal assistance for alleged wrongful termination and potential copyright infringement. Client was hired as an art instructor for a “sip and paint” company. In addition, Client was commissioned to paint a mural on the building as part of a local mural festival. Client claims she was underpaid for the mural. Client claims she was harassed by a manager of the company and was then wrongfully terminated. Client is seeking compensation from her former employer and either a licensing fee for the mural or its removal from the building. Client believes she signed an employment agreement with the company, but does not have a copy of that agreement.


#24004 [Music Copyright Infringement] 

Client is a musician and songwriter. Client is seeking legal assistance for copyright infringement of one of his songs. In 1995, client wrote and recorded an original musical composition and registered it with the Copyright Office. In 2010, a musical duo in Nashville released a song with the same title and a similar key signature, tempo, structure, feel and hook. Client retained an attorney in Nashville at that time and got a musicology report, but the attorney dissuaded the client from continuing since it could damage the client’s ability to publish other songs in the future. Client sent a cease and desist letter to the infringing music publisher on his own, but the matter is still not resolved. Ideally, client is seeking financial compensation and songwriting attribution for the infringing song.


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