Here is the list of arts-related pro bono opportunities that are currently seeking a referral through Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA). Thanks for your interest in providing legal assistance to support Colorado’s artists, performers, cultural organizations and creative businesses.

If you are interested in taking on one of the CAFTA matters below, please contact and reference the case # in the subject line.

Available CAFTA Matters

Updated January 26, 2022

#22084 [Contract Drafting] 

Client is a podcaster. Client is producing a podcast with another individual. Client is seeking legal assistance to draft an agreement between the two parties to clarify their “slice of the pie,” payment terms, copyright ownership, etc.
*Client’s prior year’s household income exceeds CAFTA’s threshold for pro bono assistance. Client is currently unemployed.


#22088 [Entity Formation Counsel] 

Client is a nonprofit organization that advocates and leverages support for the arts in a Front Range community. Client is undergoing an assessment on performing arts space needs in their community. Client is interested in forming an umbrella organization, like a cultural trust, to provide infrastructure, funding and services. Client is seeking legal assistance to better understand their options for a possible new entity like this and evaluate what approach may best fit their needs.


#22086 [Contract Drafting] 

Client is a visual artist and graphic designer with a new LLC business. Client is seeking legal assistance to draft a standard service agreement for his future design clients to create character designs, logos, art prints and other products.


#21073 [Contract Drafting] UPDATED

Client is a nonprofit organization that facilitates traveling art exhibition for other nonprofit organizations. The organization is led by a disabled visual artist. Through the organization, this artist would like to offer personalized “cultural arts coaching experiences” targeted at women 55 and older. Client is seeking legal assistance to draft an agreement between the organization and prospective individuals using this service.


Check out CAFTA’s Description of Pro Bono Services to learn more about the referral process and expectations for volunteer attorneys.