Here is the list of arts-related pro bono opportunities that are currently seeking a referral through Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA). Thanks for your interest in providing legal assistance to support Colorado’s artists, performers, cultural organizations and creative businesses.

If you are interested in taking on one of the CAFTA matters below, please contact and reference the case # in the subject line.

Available CAFTA Matters

Updated December 8, 2023

#23096 [Business Formation] NEW

Client is a musician who makes music with his son as part of a father/son duo. Client is seeking legal assistance to form a business entity for his musical enterprise with his son. Client collaborates on instrumental compositions with his son and both parties want to be equal owners/partners in the business entity. The duo has not formally released or distributed their music yet. Client lives in Colorado and his son lives in Arizona.
*Client’s household income exceeds CAFTA’s threshold for pro bono eligibility.


#23094 [Film Intellectual Property] NEW

Client is a screenwriter. Client is getting ready to submit their film script to various production companies. Client is seeking legal assistance to understand and protect their intellectual property in this script. The script is based on a true story, which includes historical events and the Client’s family history.


#23091 [Nonprofit Dissolution] 

Client is a small 501c3 nonprofit organization that promotes and supports artists and cultural activities in a rural community. Client is seeking legal assistance to dissolve the entity. The Client’s Board of Directors recently decided to dissolve the organization due to a leadership transition and capacity concerns. The Client has financial assets in a bank account but no other significant assets.


#23064 [Copyright] 

Client is an author and visual artist. Client is also currently incarcerated. Client published a book with original illustrations ten years ago. Client believes the publisher may have infringed his copyright. There was no written or signed agreement between the Client and the publisher. Publisher has stopped responding to the Client. Client is seeking legal assistance to find out if his book and artwork have been infringed, and if so, to resolve the situation.


#23055 [Copyright Infringement]

Client is a small glassware company based in Colorado. Client is seeking legal assistance regarding a copyright infringement issue. Client makes and sells colored wine glasses on Amazon. Another company based in New York has begun selling identical colored wineglasses. The other company is using photographs, infographics and diagrams that are almost identical to those created by the Client. Client has contacted Amazon to take down the other listing, but the other company filed a counter DMCA and their listing went back up. Client does not have any registered copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office. Client is interested in pursuing a resolution through the Copyright Claims Board.
*Client’s household income exceeds CAFTA’s threshold for pro bono eligibility.


#23087 [Licensing and Copyright Issue] 

Client is a visual artist based in Colorado. In 2011, an academic institution in Florida commissioned the Client to paint a design that then became the concept for a floor mosaic. Client retained the copyright in the artwork and has a licensing agreement with the university that allows them to use the design for certain commercial purposes. In 2013, the university notified Client that they created merchandise with the design, and Client received the licensing fee for that year. Since then, Client has not been paid the annual licensing fee. Client continues to discover additional and ongoing unauthorized uses of his artwork in commercial spaces, including a simplified line-work variation of the design used to promote university events. Client is seeking legal assistance with recovering the licensing fees.


#23084 [Breach of Contract] 

Client is an author based in Utah who published a book with a small Colorado-based publisher. Client is seeking legal assistance to resolve an alleged breach of contract on the part of the publisher and retain her copyright ownership in the book. Client claims the publisher did not deliver on items in contract and is distributing the book with another person’s name as a co-author. The publishing contract governed by Colorado law and includes an arbitration clause with El Paso County, Colorado as the jurisdiction.


#23081 [Contract Termination] 

Client is an author. In 2019, Client signed an MOU with a regional nonprofit arts center to publish a four-volume series of poetry featuring the works of 31 professional, multicultural writers in five languages, including indigenous languages. Client is the project-lead and editor and has written agreements with each contributing writer. The first two volumes are already published the remaining two are in the queue. Client is seeking legal assistance to terminate the MOU with the cultural center for alleged breach of the agreement and misuse of restricted funds. Client has already sent a termination letter to the Board of Directors of the cultural center, but requires legal assistance to clarify terms of the separation.


#23044 [Payment Dispute] 

Client is an individual author who has published several books through Amazon. Client is looking to recover royalties from Amazon KPD (Kindle Direct Publishing). Amazon KPD has allegedly been withholding said royalties since April and has adjusted the royalty statements to reflect much less than the actual earnings. Client has agreed to Amazon KPD Terms and Conditions. Client is seeking legal assistance to resolve this matter.


#21036 [Expungement] 

Client is a glass artist and formerly incarcerated individual currently living in Colorado. Client is looking for legal assistance to file civil expungement paperwork in St. Louis so that he can work as an artist in Colorado. Client is seeking attorney assistance to review the paperwork before he submits it.


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