About CCC

Business and Civic Leaders – this is your opportunity to share your passion, advocate for culture in your communities, and use your influence for economic and social good through the arts. By working together, we can build capacity, magnify efforts and support each other. By sharing resources and best practices, we can help each other be more effective. By building relationships with each other, we can reinforce the message that culture is good for our communities, for our economies, for our schools and for our quality of life.

Who are you? You could be a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, corporate leader, elected official or a board member working to support culture in your community. You could be wondering “Where are the other people like me?” and “Why do I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel?” We can help each other!

How do we do this? CBCA’s staff will organize regular virtual meetings, plus the occasional in-person retreat, for the network of Colorado Cultural Champions (CCC). We will compare notes, learn from the field and share insights on:

  • What are the challenges and opportunities you’re experiencing as you advocate for the role of culture in your community?
  • How can we help each other?
  • What tools and resources can we share or create?
  • What issues and needs extend across multiple communities to become regional or state-wide priorities?
  • What are the success stories that we can share, model and build on?
  • What is your vision for arts and culture in your community and how can we best support you in realizing it?
  • How can we advance social justice and equity in and through the arts?

How can we plug in? CBCA is a statewide nonprofit organization that has been advancing Colorado’s creative economy by connecting arts and business since 1985.  In addition to fostering relationships among CCC participants, CBCA is an entry-point, convener and connector. CBCA’s membership base includes 250 companies, organizations and individuals from 20 different industry sectors in Colorado. CBCA also has access local, regional and national resources, such as data and research, experts in the field, and active coalitions and associations, such as Americans for the Arts (AFTA), Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), Creative States Coalition, National Volunteer Attorneys for the Arts and more.

How can we build partnerships? We look forward to building relationships among and through the CCC network. That takes the form of one-on-one dialogues, cohort gatherings, public presentations, or regional workshops together to address issues that you believe are important in your community.  CBCA staff is here to host meetings, coordinate events, facilitate connections, and leverage resources to maximize our collective impact and business leadership in support of the arts.

Questions? Contact main@cbca.org to learn more.

Current CCC Members

  • Deborah Malden, Boulder Chamber of Commerce (Boulder) Co-Chair
  • Dave Goe, Downtown Grant Junction/GJ Creates (Grand Junction) Co-Chair
  • DiAnn Butler, Grand County Economic Development (Grand Lake)
  • Channing Evans, External Affairs – Oil & Gas (Denver)
  • Rachel Garcia, Mexican Cultural Center and Colectiva (Denver)
  • Hayley Harris, ideali Consulting (Glenwood Springs)
  • Jeffrey Kash, Premier Members Credit Union (Boulder)
  • Amy Kimberly, retired arts administrator (Carbondale)
  • Elizabeth Martin, Museum of Art Fort Collins (Fort Collins)
  • Cy Michaels, La Quinta Trinidad (Trinidad)
  • Krithika Prashant, Marketing and Public Relations Consultant (Colorado Springs)
  • Crystal Polis, Polis Consulting LLC (Westminster)
  • Kennedy Pugh, Colorado Arts and Artists Associates (Pueblo)
  • Marcia Romero, U.S. Bank (Denver)
  • Dr. Michael Seman, Colorado State University (Loveland)
  • MaryAnne Talbott, Alamosa Citizen (Alamosa)
  • Gwen Walton, Certified Sign Language Interpreter (Grand Junction)
  • Nina Waters, Summit County Commissioner (Silverthorne)

Updated as of March 2024

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Questions? Contact us at main@cbca.org.

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