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CBCA’s Arts + Industry Forum Series aims to educate, inspire an inclusive dialogue, and cultivate partnerships and innovative approaches to society’s significant challenges, such as climate change, healthcare, affordable housing and real estate, accessibility, and transportation.

CBCA offers engaging discovery sessions that bring together experts and stakeholders from a variety of arts and business sectors. By fostering a community dialogue, these forums highlight timely issues, inspire action and raises awareness on how arts interact and influence specific industries. The goal is that the Forums will help foster innovative business solutions and a more collaborative society, one where scientists, engineers, bankers and real estate developers are working with designers, creatives and artists for positive social change. These events also shed light on how businesses can further their economic opportunity development through arts partnerships, as well as foster cross-sector understanding and collaboration.

Each forum explores the intersection between the arts and a distinct business sector relevant to Colorado’s economy.  The three 2021 Arts + Industry Forum topics will be relevant to our social, political, and economic environment. Slated for May, August and November 2021, these Forums will all be centered on the theme of Wellness and focus on various aspects, such as mental health, resiliency for healthcare professionals, art therapy, and self care.

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20 August 20, 2019

Arts + Impact Investing Forum Recap

Civic engagement and community education were common themes at CBCA’s Arts + Impact Investing Forum on Monday, August 19 at the Commons…

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