Advocacy is speaking up for something you believe in. At CBCA, we believe that art is smart for business; that the creative industries are essential to Colorado’s economic prosperity; and that cultural vibrancy strengthens community vitality.

CBCA engages in ongoing community education to advance these beliefs and foster a network of arts supporters in the business and civic sectors. CBCA also brings awareness and influences decision makers on policies and initiatives locally, statewide and nationally that advance the mutually beneficial relationship between arts and business.

What we do:

  • Mobilize a grassroots platform to advocate directly for the arts, culture and creative industries through Colorado Arts Action Network
  • Publish a biennial report on the financial and social impact of arts & culture in the Denver metro area. Learn more about the Economic Activity Study
  • Facilitate a network of business and civic leaders who support the arts. Learn more about the Colorado Cultural Champions
  • Present to community groups on arts and business partnerships and why art is smart for business. Contact to inquire about scheduling presentation
  • Collaborate with cultural partners to share consistent messaging on the importance of supporting the arts. Check out the Arts through it All campaign
  • Feature a monthly Advocacy section in the member newsletter, Inside Track. Learn more about CBCA Membership.

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