Please fill out this application as completely as possible. If you are eligible for a pro bono legal referral through CAFTA, we will contact you regarding next steps. Once your application is officially approved, we will require that you submit the non-refundable administration fee and a signed Pro Bono Client Legal Referral Agreement.

If you don’t qualify for pro bono legal assistance based on income, CAFTA can still seek a referral on your behalf. It would be up to you and any potential attorney to negotiate that arrangement.

Administration Fees:

  • For Profit Organization: $100.00
  • Nonprofit Organization: $75.00
  • Individual Artist: $50.00

Please answer as many of the following questions as applicable so CAFTA can (1) assess if the legal assistance you are seeking is within the areas our volunteer attorneys address and (2) evaluate if you fall within the CAFTA eligibility and income guidelines to qualify for pro bono assistance. All information submitted will be kept confidential.

Application for Legal Referral

  • General Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Self-Describe:
  • Description of Legal Matter

  • Only one (1) legal issue per application. Confidentiality Notice: Please only disclose confidential information in this application necessary for CAFTA to understand and evaluate your matter.
  • Indicate if these parties are related or adverse to you in your legal matter. These may include other individuals, entities, attorneys or law firms, etc.
  • If so, please include their name and contact information here.
  • Financial Eligibility

    This section is to determine if you are eligible for a referral for pro bono (free) legal assistance through CAFTA. If you don’t qualify for pro bono legal assistance, CAFTA may still be able to seek a referral on your behalf. It would be up to you and any potential attorney to negotiate that arrangement.
  • For Individuals: Pro bono assistance through CAFTA is available to those whose adjusted gross income is $45,180 a year or less, with additional allowances of $16,140 for each additional dependent and/or partner in the household (this amount is updated annually). Your financial eligibility should include income from Social Security, public assistance, unemployment and any other income-producing activity, whether or not generated from arts-related activity, for all members of your family or household. This information is usually on your federal tax form 1040. Please answer the following questions with regard to the most recently-completed calendar year. You must provide adequate financial documentation to be considered for pro bono legal assistance through CAFTA. Please provide a copy of your tax return form 1040 for the most recently completed fiscal year.
  • For Organizations/Business Entities: Please provide your K1 tax form, Schedule C, federal form 990, operating budgets, audited financials, and/or other relevant documents that illustrate the entity’s current financial position. You may also be asked for the federal tax returns (form 1040) of all business owners/partners/shareholders. Nonprofit organizations with an annual operating budget of up to $500,000 are eligible for CAFTA. For-profit creative entities are evaluated for financial eligibility on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration owner/partner/shareholder(s) income, annual revenue and assets associated to the legal business entity.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 30 MB.
      These documents may include your most recently-completed federal tax return (1040), K1 tax form, federal form 990, financial statements or other acceptable confirmation of income. Your application cannot be processed without confirmation of financial eligibility.
    • Demographics

      This section is optional but encouraged. It is important for CAFTA to understand of who we are serving so we can ensure the program is inclusive, accessible and equitable. This information has no impact on your application’s eligibility and will not be shared during the referral process.
    • Self-Describe:
    • Self-Describe:
    • Certification

      Administration Fees: For Profit Organization: $100; Nonprofit Organization: $75; and Individual Artist: $50
      This questionnaire fully and accurately describes the issue for which I am requesting assistance. I understand that (1) Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) and Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA) do not guarantee that an attorney will work on my matter; (2) CBCA/CAFTA will not be responsible for the work of any CAFTA volunteer attorney; (3) I am free to engage or decline any attorney who may offer to represent me; (4) the scope of any representation by a CAFTA volunteer attorney is limited to the above described matter as may be further defined in any subsequent engagement letter between a volunteer attorney and me; (5) CBCA/CAFTA does not make any representation or guarantee about the quality of legal services I will receive; (6) CAFTA is solely a referral service and does not provide any legal counsel or advice; and (7) CAFTA will keep confidential my confidential information, however, CAFTA is not a law firm and no attorney-client relationship is created by this application so my information is not protected by attorney-client privilege.