Lost Walks performing at CBCA's 2020 Business for the Arts Awards. Image by Amanda Tipton Photography

We are living in unprecedented, uncertain times. CBCA is dedicated to advancing Colorado’s creative economy. We will continue to compile and share resources to help artists, creative professionals and nonprofit cultural organizations manage the impact of this crisis. Visit artsthroughitall.org to find out how we as individuals and a community can support the arts ensure it remains part of our lives – through it all!

Resources for Artists, Creative Professionals, Businesses and Cultural Organizations

Emergency and Relief Funds for Artists and Organizations

Webinars, Consulting and Virtual Discussions

Navigating Federal and Local Relief Programs and Resources

Reopening Resources and Guidelines

Strategic, Legal and Financial Resources


Artist Emergency Support and Safety Organizations

More Resources and Lists for Artists and Arts Organizations


Visit artsthroughitall.org for a list of ways you can support the arts!


*This is not an exhaustive list! Email main@cbca.org to let us know about other resources, virtual events or other ideas are out there. We will continually update this list.