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James Robinson is a phenomenal multi genre blending guitarist from the SCV suburb of Campbell, CA. James Robinson gives a high energy and charismatic performance that is not afraid to explore instrumental improvisation to the deepest level. Each performance is a trip into the magical realm of sound, with the depths of his music fueled by the energy of the audience.

Robinson’s musical output includes Latin World Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock, County, Bluegrass, and more! He has released 5 albums of original music, several singles including Smooth Jazz Radio “Azul Sky” (With Innervision Records), “Tales of Change” (With Steve Vai’s label Favored Nations), and “New Beginnings”.

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James performs true fusion music, studying, recording, and performing all styles of music to continue to timeless art of performing music. Robinson is a highly sought after music educator, and has released 5 albums as JBR Guitar Instruction.

Why are you involved with CBCA?

To share in the creative community and network with supportive agencies to continue my musical works.

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