Tell us about you:

The mission of the Denver Children’s Choir (DCC) is to inspire and unite children from diverse backgrounds by fostering harmony in music and in life. We offer an inclusive space for youth to engage together from diverse backgrounds, learn music, celebrate differences, and sing in harmony. Through our emphasis on musical excellence with a welcoming environment, we have positively impacted the lives of thousands of children from across Denver Metro Area.

Share a story of how your organization engages with the business sector (i.e. sponsorship, volunteerism, etc.):

We offer opportunities for the business sector to engage with us as season sponsors (several tiers are available, offering varying levels of rights and benefits to our partners), as philanthropic donors, and as volunteers. Parents from all walks of life: educators, nonprofit changemakers, public service workers, even governmental leaders have entrusted their children to the DCC.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy?

We entertain and engage thousands of audience members each season with our fall and spring concerts. We partner with other artists and artistic organizations to bring creative collaboration to our concerts and offer artistic mentorship to our young musicians. We employ over a dozen local artists on our team, and an additional 10-15 artists on a contractual basis every year.

Why are you involved with CBCA?

Eric Lentz, Executive Director at Denver Children’s Choir

For the opportunity to network with like-minded artistic organizations, philanthropic-minded business leaders, and patrons of the arts. To dream, discover, and deliver excellent programming citywide, and to dive in to the wonderful artistic community in the city of Denver.

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