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The Denver Children’s Choir (DCC) unites the children of Denver through rigorous ensemble music instruction. Children of all races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to sing, study, and perform choral music in a nurturing and inclusive environment. The DCC has long been a safe place where children come together and discover the joy of harmony while learning from a professional, dedicated team of music educators. We pride ourselves on meeting each child where they are and helping them find their inner voice. In our nearly 30 years serving the community, we have never turned a child away for a lack of experience or ability to pay.

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Last year, we were fortunate to secure a partnership with Bellco Credit Union* as the presenting sponsor of our 2023-2024 season.

“At Bellco, we believe the arts are fundamental to a healthy community. Whether it’s attending concerts, participating in community choirs or bands, or supporting local music festivals, music creates opportunity for people to connect and collaborate,” Jenna McFarlane, vice president of marketing at Bellco, said. “We are honored to partner with the Denver Children’s Choir to support their mission of inspiring and uniting children from diverse backgrounds by fostering harmony in music and in life.”

Our choirs will perform at several Bellco branches in the Denver metro area during the choir’s 2023-2024 season to share the love of music with Bellco members and the larger community.

*Bellco Credit Union has also been a sponsor of CBCA’s Business for the Arts Awards since 2018. 

How has this engagement with business benefitted you and your organization?

Bellco’s focus on supporting the arts in the community will enable us to expand to new Denver neighborhoods and give more children the opportunity to enjoy music. Specifically, our Neighborhood Choir Program, offering beginning through advanced-intermediate choral training, has experienced significant growth this season. In this program, young singers are offered the opportunity to learn how to sing, read music, and perform, and range in age from 7 years through high school. Thanks to support from Bellco and other community partners, we have experienced over 100% growth in this program this season, and are committed to continuing to grow to meet the need of underserved communities throughout the Denver metro area.

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In addition to serving children and families from dozens of communities, we also are proud to have worked with multiple community partners including Colorado poet laureate – Bobby LeFebre, Dan Aid – Denver native musician, Vocal Coalition, SingOut for SafeHouse, and M. Roger Holland with The Spirituals Project for a variety of collaborative performances.

Check out the Denver Children’s Choir YouTube Channel featuring performances!

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Eric Lentz, Executive Director at Denver Children’s Choir

The connections, the collaborations, the reputation, and the opportunities presented by CBCA membership allow us to increase our network and proudly showcase our mission and programs with reputable businesses in the Denver metro area.

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