Tools for the Creative Life: Creativity Launched

Start the new year by maximizing your potential! Join artist, curator, and writer Chloe’ Duplessis for a creative reset to bring new life to your artistic vision.
The workshop will begin with a mindful meditation and a 5-step creative reset focused on shifting your mindset. Participants will then dive into an intentional action planning session and will leave the workshop with a mini action plan that brings confidence and clarity to serve the authentic self and jumpstart creativity in 2021.
Tools for the Creative Life is a workshop series aimed at providing creatives with connection, new skills, inspirational capital and tools for crafting a healthy creative ecosystem. Presented in partnership by the RiNo Art District, Transforming Creatives, CBCA, and the Denver Public Library.

About Chloe' Duplessis

Chloe' Duplessis

Artist. Curator. Writer.

By the age of 25, Chloe' Duplessis had visited 9 countries and 21 states, including Alaska. This movement fostered an authentic appreciation of diverse cultures, art and history; and ignited within her an intentional desire to serve humankind and positively impact the World.

An unwavering optimist, Chloe' credits her faith and family as the essential systems of support that have helped her to build a prosperous life of purpose; healing from sexual assault, rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, and navigating visual impairment after being diagnosed with Stargardt disease in 2018.

With nearly two decades of experience in intercultural engagement, advocacy and arts administration, Chloe' Duplessis is a sought-after Strategist and Creator, committed to facilitating opportunities for empowered expression, and creating art that inspires conversations on culture, history and healing.

Chloe' earned a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies from The University of New Orleans, and has studied art and history at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

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