Real Estate Issues for Music Venues

Levitt Pavilion Denver. Photo by Joel Rekiel

Many independent venue owners and promoters in Colorado are facing a lot of uncertainties in regards to their rights and options when dealing with their landlords. If they can’t afford to pay rent, will they be evicted? What are their options and who can they contact for help? This free webinar is designed to help answer these questions and more. It will be led by Mike Lustig with Colorado Real Estate Law LLC and hosted in partnership with the Colorado Chapter of the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), Colorado Music Collective, and Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA)’s Colorado Attorneys for the Arts program.

About the Speaker:

Mike Lustig has been a lawyer since 2006. He holds a Master of Science in Real Estate Finance, is a licensed commercial real estate broker, and a former underwriter for a publicly traded commercial real estate lender. His multi-faceted experience balances deep knowledge of law and business with the practical realities of closing transactions. Learn more about Colorado Real Estate Law LLC. Mike is also a professional visual artist.


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