LAAN Meet-Up: “Contemplative Circles” Opening Reception

Join the Leadership Arts Alumni Network (LAAN) on Friday, May 3 from 6-9pm for a meet-up at the opening reception for Contemplative Circles, a solo exhibition by current Leadership Arts participant Bala Thiagarajan.

In this exhibit, Bala Thiagarajan showcases her recent contemporary mandala artwork. From a cultural point of view, mandalas are symbols of wholeness and are used for facilitating personal growth, healing, grounding, transformation, and signifying delicacy and impermanence of life. Mandalas are ephemeral in their nature, and in giving them permanence by using acrylic paints on canvas, Bala aims to expand their reach and create a more constant reminder of their purpose. Each painting in this exhibit has a different design, with unique textures and vibrant colors that capture the essence of the traditional art form. From the intricate patterns of mandalas to the swirling lines of henna, the highly detailed paintings are a celebration of Indian culture and art. Bala’s palette, filled with luminous and vibrant iridescent colors, reflects the stunning colors of silk and cotton saris worn by women in my home of South India.

Navigating the challenges of being visually impaired, Bala incorporates textures into her paintings, providing both visual and tactile experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. The symmetry of her paintings comes from a meditative practice of organic repetition. Each dot and line in the painting is added with purpose and mindfulness. Though Bala’s paintings are created intuitively and painted freehand, her background in mathematics and practice of drawing kolams provide the structure for her artwork.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3 from 6-9pm
NoBo Art District
Bus Stop Gallery
4895 Broadway St, Boulder 80304

These informal Leadership Arts Alumni Network (LAAN) Meet-Ups are designed to continue the cultural curiosity, learning and networking you enjoyed during the Leadership Arts program. Keep an eye out for more later this year!