"Cycles" by Jim Bergman (Kaiser Permanente Colorado) OMOT 2015 Photography Winner

Globally, a majority of people believe that creativity is valuable to society, to the economy, to their workplace, to leadership and to education (Adobe State of Create 2016). We hear over and over that “creativity” is among the most important skills for today’s employers.

We also know that Colorado is top in the nation for adult residents (64.4%) who personally perform or create artworks (National Endowment for the Arts).

Businesses are looking for ways to infuse arts and creativity into the workplace. Meanwhile, employees are already being creative in their spare time. Look around your office. Who is an amateur painter or photographer? Who makes their own jewelry? Who has a spouse or kid that sculpts, quilts or welds?

Through On My Own Time (OMOT), CBCA facilitates juried employee visual art exhibitions at participating companies. OMOT provides an opportunity to recognize and encourage employee creativity, stimulate dialogue and connections, and enhance your company culture.

“Kaiser Permanente has put on an “OMOT” art show for over 20 years.  Why?  It’s a creative outlet for our employees to express themselves and showcase their artistic talents to not only other employees but our members as well.  The Young Artist category is a confidence builder for the children of employees who enter.  Many have gone on to become full time artists and graphic designers from participating in the show each year.” – Jane Lewis, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

On My Own Time (OMOT) has been promoting and celebrating workforce creativity for over two decades. In the last twelve years alone, CBCA has showcased 4,000 works of art from 2,500 employees at 27 unique companies and agencies.

Participation in OMOT includes

  • Unique opportunity to feature and honor your employees’ creative talents
  • Access to CBCA’s comprehensive OMOT Resource Guide and Tool Kit
  • Support from CBCA in planning and preparing for your show
  • Visual arts professionals to jury your company’s art exhibition
  • Awards and prizes for the winners given at your company’s reception
  • Recognition as a company that supports and encourages workforce creativity

All CBCA Member companies are invited to participate in the OMOT 2017 season of employee art shows. The season runs from February 1 – June 30, 2017. Company Participation Forms are due by March 1. Contact Meredith Badler at mbadler@cbca.org  for more information.