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Community Revitalization Grant Program

The Colorado Legislature has PASSED a bill to create the Community Revitalization Grant Program (SB21-252). In summary, this bill will establish the community revitalization grant program under Colorado Creative Industries, which will provide money awards to finance various projects across the state that are intended to create or revitalize mixed-use commercial centers. You can read the full bill here. The bill sponsors are Senators Fenberg and Holbert and Representatives Titone and Lontine.

CBCA submitted this Letter of Support with 93 signatories on May 13, 2021 to the bill sponsors and members of the Senate Local Government Committee.

Find your legislator here. Share why this legislation is important to you! If your legislator is one of the bill sponsors, please thank them for their support!

Additional Arts Relief Funding

The Colorado Legislature has PASSED HB21-1285, which will provide at least $3.5 million in additional relief funding to the arts, $5 million to the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, and $1.5 million to certain cultural facilities that focus on programming for and have representation from defined historically marginalized and under-resourced communities. Furthermore, another $12 million is estimated to be added to this arts relief fund and another $1 million to the Film program to the due to other small business relief funds that may be unencumbered as of June 30, 2021. This bill is sponsored by Representatives Herod and Benavidez and Senators Jaquez Lewis and Buckner.

Find your legislator here. Share why this legislation is important to you! If your legislator is one of the bill sponsors, please thank them for their support!

The Colorado Legislature approved SB20B-001 in December 2020 for the Colorado Arts Relief Fund, which included $7.5 million for artists and creative organizations statewide.  This lifeline was extremely helpful, but it only scratched the surface, as the need remains great and ongoing. This current bill would also support exciting film projects like this NBC pilot to be filmed Colorado.

Put Creative Workers To Work

There can be no recovery without creativity.

To rebuild and reimagine the United States post-pandemic, we must put creative workers to work. The Put Creative Workers to Work proposal was collaboratively developed by over 100 partner organizations and individuals, and has been endorsed by over 2,300 creative businesses and creative workers.

Check out the full 16-point proposal and take action now!

Colorado Legislative Arts Caucus

CBCA and Arts for Colorado co-hosted the first Colorado Legislative Arts Caucus of 2021 on January 6. This virtual Arts Caucus featured firsthand case studies of rural and urban Creative Districts across the state, as well as data on the impacts of COVID-19 on the creative economy.

You can watch a recording of the entire Arts Caucus here.

Arts Vote 2020 Colorado Webinar

CBCA was proud to host Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs at Americans for the Arts (AFTA) & Executive Director of the Arts Action Fund, on October 23, 2020 to discuss the important choices on November 3 and arts advocacy opportunities on the horizon.  Nina updated Colorado’s arts leaders and voters on issues coming up in Congress, AFTA’s ArtsVote 2020 initiative, their Put Creative Workers to Work platform, and what direct action people could take ahead of this important vote.

You can watch a recording of this entire webinar here.

Arts Action Fund

The Arts Action Fund is at the forefront of advancing the arts in America. They are the only national arts advocacy organization dedicating 100% of their time, money, and political clout to advancing the arts in America. Their mission is to mobilize one million citizens to join us in mobilizing support of the arts and arts education around the country.

Membership is free and provides regular updates, resources and opportunities to take action in support of the arts.

Visit the Arts Action Center to see how you can take action today.

Arts Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization affiliated with Americans for the Arts.