ArtistiCO performance. Image by Amanda Tipton Photography

CBCA and advocates across Colorado had some big wins this legislative session. Make a quick video and help us thank our state legislators for their support of arts, culture and creative industries in Colorado.

This legislative session, our state arts agency, Colorado Creative Industries (CCI), got their first budget increase in over a decade – an additional $1.25 Million in annual operating funds. CCI will also get a one-time transfer of $500K for the innovative Creative District program. Finally, the legislature passed HB24-1295, which will introduce a Community Revitalization tax credit to support capital projects in the creative industries.

Together, we can leverage the ARTS to show our gratitude and demonstrate our COLLECTIVE and CREATIVE voice!

Here’s what we need you to do:

  • Find a creative location that showcases your art or community, such as a dance studio, art gallery, theater, local landmark, mountain…
  • Film yourself (or some friends) saying these two sentences:
    • “THANK YOU, Colorado legislators!”
    • “Because of your support, I/we can…” Fill in the blank with something you do, such as sing, paint, educate youth, play trombone, revitalize downtown, make communities stronger, etc.
  • Send your short video clip to CBCA.

Submit your video by Friday, May 31.

Send your video by Android Quick Share link or iCloud link to This method will ensure the highest quality video.

Our partners at the creative content agency, Dope Mom Life, will stitch the clips together so we can share it far and wide. Think, the end of “Shrek.” Think, Pharrell’s “Happy” video. We want to showcase the full spectrum of arts advocates in every corner of the state.

Please read the Video Submission Guide first for instructions and tips to create and send your short video clip. We want to make sure you shine!


Below are some guidelines for capturing and uploading your video. The Dope Mom Life video team is here to assist you with any troubleshooting or questions. Please reach out to for assistance.

Recording Tips

  • Please film your video horizontally.
  • Hold the camera steady. Have a friend film you or place your phone on a flat surface and lean it up against something like a stack of books or a coffee mug.
  • Center yourself in the frame, allowing for plenty of room on your left and right.
  • DON’T give yourself a lot of headroom. You don’t want it to look like you have a floating head!
  • DON’T place the camera to close, we want to see a nice wide shot of you!

Additional Recording Tips

Limit background noise: Please record in an area that is quiet with limited background noise. Avoid busy cafés, busy city noise (like traffic), or rooms with an echo.

Count to three: After your press record, give yourself some time to compose yourself, look into the camera and count to three to yourself before you begin. This is extremely helpful for our editors.

Have fun! At the end of the day, your gratitude is all that matters! Do your best, and we will do the rest!


Send your video by Android Quick Share link or iCloud link by Friday, May 31.