Tell us about you: 

I am Courtney Cotton, a professional artist based in Denver, Colorado, where I have dedicated the past 27 years to my artistic practice.

Recently, I have achieved notable milestones, including receiving a prestigious “Best in Show” award for my painting “Landing.” I also had the privilege of exhibiting my work in my first museum exhibition. Additionally, I was honored to be granted a Colorado Creative Industries career advancement grant in 2022 & my art has been acquired by both Charter Communications and Marriott Hotels in 2023. While my artistic journey has primarily revolved around painting and collage, I am now embarking on an exciting new direction. Thanks to the CCI grant I received in August 2022, I am fulfilling a long-held dream of incorporating sculpture into my repertoire. The grant enabled me to have 3D renderings and animation made to help explore the dynamic relationship between the viewer, the sculpture, and the installation site.

My inaugural sculpture project, “The Circle Conversation,” blends storytelling, community engagement, and the creation of a three-dimensional foundry-cast bronze sculpture. This ambitious endeavor aims to foster sharing, healing, and conscious awareness. This project pays homage to those who have courageously confronted and navigated through the challenges of suicide, depression, and other mental health struggles. Symbolizing energy, the circle embodies transformation—energy that cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.

I take great pride in sharing my lived experiences and offering support to others through my art. Other than my own artwork, I teach private lessons and run Blue Tile Art Space which houses 6 resident artists and a small gallery space in the Englewood neighborhood of Denver.

How do you engage with the Business sector?

I connect mostly with the Englewood Chamber of Commerce. Last year we hosted their annual Murals and Mason Jars Event in our art studios building. We also worked with The Chameleon Art Collective (an artist collective of Denver metro art educators) who painted a large mural on the south side of our building.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy ?

Art sales, classes and gallery rental brings in income, therefore supporting our individual incomes as artists. I earn money from painting sales, mostly mine, yet at times small commissions from selling other artists work in the gallery space below our art studios. The gallery space below our art studio space, Blue Tile Gallery, allows artists who exhibit their work and sell their art as well.

Why Are you involved with CBCA?

Wow- so many reasons. Connections with businesses that support the arts, learning, professionalism, legislation, and seeing the way CBCA connects local industry & the arts.”

I have been asked to judge exhibitions and be on panels that CBCA has arranged. I also attended the CBCA Leadership Arts program in 2019 and another course in 2022.

If you would like more information about becoming a CBCA member, visit the CBCA Membership page or contact our Membership & Development Manager, Sarah Braverman at