Tell us about you:

Athena Project is Colorado’s nonprofit that celebrates and nurtures women’s artistic expression, working actively for equality of opportunity, recognition, + pay based on artistic merit alone. Since 2012, we’ve amplified women’s artistic contributions through programming, intentional partnerships, + advocacy to build community. We empower all women and underrepresented genders through the arts.

Share a story of how your organization engages with the business sector:

Our Curating Art for Impact program (CAFI) pairs women artists in all disciplines with businesses interested in bringing arts to their patrons. We offer paid opportunities for artists and connection points for audiences to experience the joy art can provide. Whether enjoying live music, hearing spoken-word artists or watching dancers on a mobile stage, we can curate an event especially for you!

How has this engagement with business benefitted you and your organization?

Our Curating Art for Impact earned revenue program had its most successful year yet and growing it means more communitypartnerships with nonprofits/businesses in underserved areas. With funding from these entities, we pay artists, helping them telltheir stories via existing community relationships. Through these events, we expanded our reach of audiences by bringing art directly to communities.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy?

We create opportunities for women artists to develop + showcase their work while creating connected relationships with each other. We listen to community members by delivering talent from our artists’ network like:

  • Curated pop-up performances + DJ for Huerta Urbana Farmers Market events
  • Created a summer music series with Cherry Creek North; offered paid gigs for 100+ musicians-85% of them women
Why are you involved with CBCA?

Businesses need thriving communities where people want to live and work, and the arts rely on strong business environments as an equal and integral contributor to local economic activity. It’s affirming to work with like-minded people that believe in Denver’s cultural community. We hope to continue our strong partnership with CBCA in achieving equitable access and engagement in the arts.

If you would like more information about becoming a CBCA member, visit the CBCA Membership page or contact our Membership & Development Manager, Sarah Braverman at