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Art Students League of Denver (ASLD) provides an inclusive art community where professional artists guide individuals of all levels to reach their highest potential. Through courses, events, and community engagement programs, we create space for artists to grow their skills, try something new, appreciate art, and connect with fellow creatives.

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Summer Art Market is our most popular event each year, often drawing more than 20,000 visitors. We rely on the support of sponsors to make this event happen – from providing food and drinks to sponsoring KidArt activities, our sponsors really help bring the details together at Summer Art Market. This year our presenting sponsor is Meininger Art Supply.

How have arts and/or creativity helped you or your company draw inspiration or innovation during this challenging time?

Working with sponsors has strengthened ASLD’s community bonds. Denver is a major city but it’s also a very tight-knit community – so working with one business owner can serve as a bridge to another business, or perhaps they also sponsor a nonprofit who would be a great fit for partnering with us on programming, and so on. Sponsorships help us grow our network of support and connection.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy?

ASLD knows that making art is hard work & deserves fair pay. We employ nearly 150 artists each year & are proud to be W.A.G.E. certified. We also offer a variety of professional development opportunities for artists looking to shift their craft from a hobby to a career, and our faculty is made up of working artists who are an amazing resource for students on how to “make it” in the art world.

Why are you involved with CBCA?
Rachel Basye, Executive Director of Art Students League of Denver

Rachel Basye, Executive Director of Art Students League of Denver

ASLD utilized the CBCA board fair each year to recruit new board members. ASLD employees enjoy attending free events at local cultural organizations put on by CBCA. We have also been lucky to partner with CBCA and other orgs to present the Artist Professional Development series, and have built/strengthened other connections through CBCA events and partnerships.

Share Your Art & Business Partnership Story

Whether you are a nonprofit cultural organization or business member, we want to hear your art and business partnership stories. Please fill out one of the questionnaires below if you would like us to promote the work you are doing in the community at the intersection of arts and business. We will be sharing these stories on an ongoing basis in this member newsletter and/or on CBCA social media channels.


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