Night At… Natura Obscura at the Museum of Outdoor Arts

CBCA members and their employees will have the opportunity to receive two complimentary tickets to explore Natura Obscura at the Museum of Outdoors Arts (MOA).

Natura Obscura is a self-guided exploration through a surrealist, dreamlike forest that combines art, sculpture, and the latest in augmented, sensor based, and digital technologies. Experience the wonder of a new form of art as you wander among the trees and fantastical woodland creatures. Who knows? You might even find a yeti along the way!

While Natura Obscura is a walk through an artist’s surreal dream, it’s also an exploration of our own psychology and the symbolism and mythologies that people have passed down through the ages. Come with us on a journey of celebration and joy. Explore the ancient Greek elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire; contemplate the tree of knowledge; and listen to the celestial harmonies of the tuning fork sculpture, each tone aligned to the vibration of one of the celestial bodies in our solar system.

Join us on this exploration of both our own nature and the world around us. For, if one wishes to understand the world, one must first understand oneself.

CBCA distributes tickets on a first come, first served basis. Night At… events are open to all employees of CBCA Member companies and their employees.

Thank you to our 2019 Night At... Sponsor