Night At… Local Indie Music

Presented in collaboration with Illegal Pete’s and Greater Than Collective, CBCA is excited to offer our members 2 tickets to this exclusive event showcasing Denver’s local music scene and community partners.

Hosted at the infamous Mercury Cafe, this event is in partnership with Illegal Pete’s and their record label, Greater Than Collective. That’s right, they do more than make delicious burritos and queso. Illegal Pete’s has been advancing independent musicians and comedians, as well as supporting local music nonprofits.

There will be speakers and live performances, including Los Mocochetes (chicano rock band who works with Youth on Record) and Claptet (percussion ensemble). This is your chance to find out about and experience Denver’s vibrant music scene.

Illegal Pete’s won a CBCA Business for the Arts Award in 2016. Check out their award video.

Space is limited. CBCA distributes tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. Night At… events are open to all employees of CBCA Member Companies. 

Thank You to our 2016 Night At... Sponsor