Night At…Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Frank Sampson, Fall Of Icarus (2018)

CBCA members and their employees will have the opportunity to receive two complimentary tickets to enjoy an exclusive evening at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA).

Guest curated by Rebecca DiDomenico, BMoCA’s Fall 2018 exhibition, Worlds Suspended in Reality, includes three revelatory exhibitions by artists Caroline Douglas, Frank Sampson, and Patricia Bramsen, who all channel an unseen reality that nevertheless surrounds us, and who work to safeguard those elements within their art.

  • Douglas’ Caravan of Dreams: A Healer’s Path uses dreamlike imagery to create a singular environment in which to capture over one hundred clay creatures being transported or transporting wheeled vehicles on a long journey.
  • Featured in Sampson’s exhibition are highlights of lesser known works across his ninety-year career, including his Fossil Series of paintings depicting people tumbling and pole vaulting through space, as well as his surreal paintings of animals and people in atypical, but poignant relationships to each other.
  • Bramsen’s quirky portraits are exhibited in a domestic environment similar to a living room setting, where the surreal objects that frequently appear in her paintings are shown as sculptural elements to enhance and embody a powerful gender identity that is ahead of her time.

CBCA distributes tickets on a first come, first served basis. Night At… events are open to all employees of CBCA Member companies and their employees.

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