Navigating the New Frontier of Online and Social Media Advertising

To be successful in today’s marketplace, creative entrepreneurs must be savvy about online and social media advertising.  This workshop looks at legal landmines (and how to avoid them) related to data privacy and intellectual property, as well as what agreements that you need to know about.

This workshop, “Navigating the New Frontier of Online and Social Media Advertising: Legal Pitfall Artists Need to Know,” is part of Fort Collins Startup Week. Check out the full schedule of Startup Week activities.  This workshop is free to attend.

About the Speaker

Donna Gonzales

Associate Attorney, Stinson Leornard Street

Donna Gonzales has broad experience in intellectual property and technology issues, especially those that involve online sales and advertising and the use of AI technologies in both. Because of her diverse experience in trademark and copyright prosecution, advertising, intellectual property litigation, and agreement work, she is able to provide a big picture perspective of how to protect and monetize her clients’ intellectual property.