Keeping Your Books Clean When Art is Messy: Tax & Accounting Basics for Artists

How do you keep your financial records clean and orderly when your creative work is not? Join us for this webinar on the basics of taxes and accounting for artists and creatives. This webinar, led by Kaleigh Canavan, EA with CSA Accounting, will cover topics such as:

  • When and how to pay estimated taxes
  • Explainer on self-employment taxes
  • Deductible expenses: what are they and which can you claim
  • What is required if you work or sell in multiple states
  • Why it is important to report all of your income

This webinar is part of the Tools for the Creative Life series aimed at providing creatives with connection, new skills, inspirational capital and tools to craft a healthy creative ecosystem. Presented in partnership by the RiNo Art DistrictTransforming CreativesCBCA, Denver Public Library, and the Creative Integration Initiative.

Speaker Bio

Kaleigh Canavan, EA

President, CSA Accounting

Kaleigh Canavan, first and foremost, has a wild passion for helping businesses grow. She strives to make her clients feel like friends, to create an environment for them to explore their dreams, learn new tools to grow, and always, always feel comfortable asking anything.

Kaleigh is breaking the 'old man' stereotype of an accountant and creating not just a reliable place for her clients but a community. She believes connection and cooperation will help everyone reach their dreams. She has built a team that supports these beliefs, made of people who go out of the way to innovate, research, and find solutions for small business owners to grow, succeed, and thrive.

As a Colorado native, Kaleigh earned a B.S. in Accounting with a minor in Human Resource Management from Regis University. Before founding Canavan Financial Group in 2013, now known as CSA Accounting, Kaleigh spent several years working for a national concert promoter in Denver. Working in the ticketing department, production, merch sales and in the office, she gained in-depth knowledge of customer service and the inner workings of the music industry. She also was present for some pretty epic shows!