Dare to be Different

Dare to be different… at the Dikeou.  Join us at this private contemporary art collection nestled in the midst of downtown Denver.  Featuring work by over 30 international artists including Dan Asher, Lucky DeBellevue, Sebastiaan Bremer and Vik Muniz, with an unabashedly unafraid approach, this gallery is not be missed.  Enjoy the final event of the 2016 LAAN series with one-of-a-kind cocktails and unique bites as we experience some of the most interesting and extraordinary contemporary art.

Lucky DeBellevue, Otter

Lucky DeBellevue, Otter

Operating as an extension of New York publication, zingmagazine, the Dikeou Collection features work of over 30 international artists. Devon Dikeou is an artist herself, the founder, editor, and publisher of zingmagazine, as well as a collector. Her interest in the platform of exchange between collector, artist, viewing context museum, collection, gallery, magazine, and viewer engendered her artistic practice, zingmagazine, and the formation of the Dikeou Collection.

Read the recent Hyperallergic article about the Dikeou Collection. The Dikeou Collection is located off the 16th Street Mall, a few floors above the Jamba Juice.

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