What’s in a New Year’s Resolution? For me personally, the new year is a time to reflect but also set personal goals of what I hope to achieve and how I want to live my life more intentionally and fully in the new year. What resolutions are really all about is goal setting.

As I think about CBCA’s accomplishments in 2023 and our goals for 2024, I’m appreciative and humbled by the collective efforts of so many that helped CBCA build capacity and drive economic and social outcomes at the intersection of arts and business in Colorado. We’ve embraced new opportunities and navigated challenges over the past year as we expanded our footprint and fostered a collaborative environment where Colorado communities can thrive.

CBCA has made meaningful progress towards its strategic goals of increasing programming and impact across the state; serving as a go-to resource, connector and facilitator of arts and business partnerships; and financial sustainability for the organization. In 2024, I’m excited that CBCA will focus on our future vision and strategic planning as we continue to evolve in our 39th year.  We aim to increase connectivity and engagement among our members, partners and stakeholders, and focus on the priority needs and gaps where we can catalyze positive change and critical outcomes.

In 2024, CBCA will continue to lead and invest in several arts and creative sector advocacy initiatives. This includes analyzing the results of a recent Community Input Survey and intentional outreach to Colorado’s historically marginalized and underserved communities to develop the state’s first collective Arts Advocacy Platform to align and mobilize future policy priorities. We will leverage the infrastructure built over the past three years with the Colorado Arts Action Network, Colorado Cultural Champions and CBCA’s Policy Committee to shepherd and inform these ongoing efforts. Through this work, CBCA envisions a Colorado where arts, culture and the creative industries are valued and supported by policymakers and voters, resulting in economically vibrant, healthy, and equitable communities throughout our state.

In the new year, we will share more about CBCA’s ongoing journey and dedication to equity and social justice initiatives in and through the arts, guided by the organization’s Equity, Inclusivity, Diversity & Accessibility (EIDA) Committee. I’m looking forward to sharing more about the accomplishments and resources we’ve developed, as well as amplify the DEI initiatives of CBCA members.

We at CBCA realize the arts play a unique and critical role in opening our hearts and minds to different perspectives that can foster community dialogue, problem solving and business solutions. Arts and creativity make us human, and every human being on this planet is in one way or another touched by and influenced by arts, culture and heritage providing greater meaning and substance to our lives and communities.

Therefore, in a time of ongoing global challenges of wars, political divisiveness, climate concerns, inequity, and strife of so many, I realize that times of adversity can inspire resiliency, innovation and progress. Thus, I remain optimistic and hope the new year brings everyone a time of reflection, resolution, reset, and a greater intention to individually and collectively do our part in making Colorado and our world a better place to live, work and play.

In this spirit, we at CBCA remain committed to our Core Values of:

  • Collaboration: Arts and business enhance one another. Fostering partnerships between them helps strengthen our communities.
  • Creativity: Encouraging new, different and innovative ideas is necessary for our community to grow.
  • Education: Civic and business leaders, as well as the people they serve, should understand and advocate for the importance of the arts.
  • Inclusiveness: The arts are for all Coloradans. All forms of creative expression are valuable.
  • Cultural Vitality: The arts are an indispensable part of our community and economic development, as well as our day-to-day lives.

Whether you are CBCA member, donor, volunteer, partner, etc., I am sincerely grateful for your engagement and support of CBCA’s mission, vision, values and goals over the past year, and I look forward to working in collaboration with you in 2024. One of your first opportunities will be to join us for the 2024 Business for the Arts Awards luncheon on March 12th. As I enter my 7th year at CBCA, I always look forward to celebrating these exemplary arts and business partnerships and individuals at the state’s largest annual convening of arts, business and civic leaders.

In closing, 2024 is a time of leadership transition with the recent election of new officers and board members. I want to express my appreciation to Dustin Whistler for his leadership and many contributions as Board Chair over the past two years. I also want to welcome Nancy Walsh as the new Board Chair; I look forward to working more closely with her in the new year. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work with such outstanding community leaders that I learn and grow from. CBCA’s board is 28 members strong along with over 50 additional volunteers that serve on our committees. The dedication and passion of these board members and volunteers truly inspire my leadership and resolve. And finally, I want to thank the CBCA staff; I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have such a devoted and talented team. We welcomed two new team members in 2023, and I’m looking forward to what our team will accomplish together in collaboration with our many stakeholders in 2024.

I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are realized and I look forward to CBCA paving its own path toward achieving our goals in 2024 and beyond!

With sincere gratitude,

Christin Crampton Day

CBCA Executive Director