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Truce Media Collective is a member-owned movie and TV Agency, committed to building the Film and TV production industry in Colorado.

We are a Limited Cooperative Association (LCA) believing we are stronger together. We practice ‘fair-trade filmmaking’ – ensuring our members, clients and community flourishes through inspired storytelling.

Truce Media Collective was recently approved as an SBE (Small Business Enterprise) and EBE (Emerging Business Enterprise) with the City of Denver and State of Colorado.

We actively work with the underserved and minorities to tell the stories that are never told.

Share a story of your organization’s engagement in the arts:

When we made a mini documentary for Latino Community Foundation, we met so many inspiring people along the way and told so many more about what we were up to. But when we screened this Documentary project at their annual Gala, simultaneously live-streaming the event for a large in-person and multilingual online audience, the impact was staggering. Funders, community members and individuals all opened their hearts, and their wallets. The best of both worlds for Truce as filmmakers, and our clients we serve.

As a Film and TV Agency, making our client’s branded content story based, cutting edge and world-class keeps them happy and their audiences engaged. It allows us to hone our narrative filmmaking process, Colorado’s infrastructure and very well screened and supported end-products. Whenever we get to tell a valuable story here at Truce, our skills, talents and dreams are all fulfilled. Some of our favorite marketing projects engage not only people, companies and the larger community, but have a deeper impact on the arts and culture of those audiences.

Truce Media – Production

How have arts and/or creativity helped you or your company draw inspiration or innovation during this challenging time?

Truce Media is home to a great bunch of Artists. Film is our medium, and storytelling is the purpose for which we create. The impact of the arts on our work is inherently integrated from the outset of each project, and really makes this entire operation strive. The moment we created Truce Media Collective, and especially once our studio opened its doors at the very beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t have to only be creative from a business standpoint, but also from an artistic perspective. We take on each project from these two standpoints. We believe being creative in both business and art yields the best results for us and our clients. A rising tide floats all boats. Hand-in-hand makes it all much easier.

Why are you involved with CBCA?
Julie Jackson, CEO of Truce Media Collective

Julie Jackson, CEO of Truce Media Collective

CBCA and Truce’s mission align in an almost perfect way. In the filmmaking world, we need almost every aspect of the arts. From music, to set and costume design. Expressing mood, tone and aesthetics of a film itself are directly correlated to the artists who express these on-screen. Building up the creative film industry, the content creation economy and bolstering the arts community is what Truce was meant to do. We are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community and look forward to meeting with you all!

Share Your Art & Business Partnership Story

Whether you are a nonprofit cultural organization or business member, we want to hear your art and business partnership stories. Please fill out one of the questionnaires below if you would like us to promote the work you are doing in the community at the intersection of arts and business. We will be sharing these stories on an ongoing basis in this member newsletter and/or on CBCA social media channels.


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