Prologis On My Own Time Reception 2015

prologis-logoPrologis is a global leader in industrial logistics and real estate across 4 continents and a CBCA member for 5 years. They are committed to being the best and most diverse real estate organization taking pride in being responsible global citizens.

They engage with their colleagues to provide a challenging, dynamic and diverse work environment that supports their professional development and corporate responsibility. That environment includes the arts.

It is their interest in having the most talented pool of employees that first attracted Prologis to participate in On My Own Time (OMOT), CBCA’s workforce creativity through this collaborative employee art exhibition program. They host a reception and invite, inspire and encourage everyone, employees, spouses, children and cousins, to sign up for OMOT. They turn their lobby into an art gallery with beautiful displays of beaded pieces, wood workings, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculpture. This year Prologis had the work of 35 employees and family members in the OMOT show, many winning top prizes at the multi-company show held at Republic Plaza in the spring.

“It has been really fun to see all the hidden talents of those who we work with every day and their family members over the years.  For many, it’s a side of them you’d never expect to see.  Some of our employees spend the entire 2 years creating their pieces for this show!  OMOT is an incredibly rewarding show for everyone involved, and the children really get motivated to participate.  For those who have won a ribbon or a prize, many of them are showing an increased interest in their own artwork, and are anxious to participate again.  It means a lot to me that Prologis supports this type of event, and really speaks to our company caring about its employees as the talented people they are.” -Shannon Ambrosius, Prologis

Prologis knows that meaningful partnerships between art and business give businesses a competitive advantage, enhancing the critical thinking and creative skills of their workforce. We thank Prologis for their support of the arts and of CBCA, they are one of our meaningful partners.