Colorado Railroad Museum

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The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden is one of Visit Denver’s Top 10 Attractions. Through exhibits and programs, train rides and special events, the Museum seeks to share Colorado’s rich railroad heritage.

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The Museum welcomes volunteers from the business community to help welcome guests during major special events, including Day Out With Thomas and The Polar Express Train Ride. Sponsorship opportunities are available year-round or specifically for the above-listed events.

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We depend on our entire community – businesses, families, individuals, and government – working together to make our programs and success possible. The Museum has benefitted in numerous ways, including in-kind gifts of products and services, event sponsorships, and more.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy?

The Colorado Railroad Museum employs actors and entertainers throughout the year for special events, with The Polar Express Train Ride representing a major commitment especially. We also are proud to employ a full-time staff which year-round releases a series of virtual programs for kids, families and adults.

Why are you involved with CBCA?

“Non-profit is a tax status, not a business plan.” The Colorado Railroad Museum itself is a business, based on a mission of sharing a rich and ongoing legacy of railroading and the many diverse people that were employed, served, affected and influenced. Railroads themselves were and are businesses, and we believe that it’s only natural that business and the arts work together for the good of all.

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Whether you are a nonprofit cultural organization or business member, we want to hear your art and business partnership stories. Please fill out one of the questionnaires below if you would like us to promote the work you are doing in the community at the intersection of arts and business. We will be sharing these stories on an ongoing basis in this member newsletter and/or on CBCA social media channels.


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