Tools for the Creative Life: Connecting to the Earth for Creative Inspiration

How connected to the Earth do you feel on a daily basis, and how does this connection (or lack thereof) impact your creativity? How can we be more grounded and embrace the energy around us while building authentic relationships and enhancing our creative practice?

Join this month’s Tools for the Creative Life and learn easy practices to build your connection with the Earth to amplify your creative practice – be it in painting, music-making, movement, or more! The event will feature a meditation and movement practice led by Heidi Saltzman, Ph.D. followed by an art-making workshop inspired by trees, resilience, and healing with artist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy.

Tools for the Creative Life is a workshop series aimed at providing creatives with connection, new skills, inspirational capital and tools to craft a healthy creative ecosystem. Presented in partnership by the RiNo Art DistrictTransforming CreativesCBCA, and the Creative Integration Initiative.