Tools for the Creative Life: Branding and Website Optimization for Creatives

Join Julia Rymer Brucker, the co-founder of Artboss, a Denver-based company that educates creative entrepreneurs, for a workshop delving into the basics and beyond of developing your branding and website as a creative entrepreneur. Many moving parts go into developing an intentional and professional online presence for your creative business, which is crucial in today’s market. In this workshop, we will explore the tenets of a successful website and how branding should support every aspect of your business. Expect to leave with a clear roadmap surrounding how you can up-level your online presence!

Whether you are just starting out or are a mid-career pro, Julia will teach you ways to enhance your creative business in the online environment, and showcase your unique vision in the marketplace.

About Artboss:

Artboss was co-founded in 2018 by Julia Rymer Brucker and Jessica Loving-Campos with the mission to provide education and coaching to creatives at all stages of their careers. We help creatives of all stripes learn effective communication, website optimization, branding, digital marketing and social media strategies for their businesses and careers. We have presented at colleges, universities and art centers across Colorado, as well as professional organizations like StartUp Denver, at the same time providing individualized coaching services. Learn more about us at

Tools for the Creative Life is a workshop series aimed at providing creatives with connection, new skills, inspirational capital and tools to craft a healthy creative ecosystem. Presented in partnership by the RiNo Art DistrictTransforming CreativesCBCA, and the Creative Integration Initiative.