Ready. Set. Reopen. Your Bounce-Back Plan

It’s time to pivot and prepare for the next normal. Join us to learn:

  • the goals essential for success
  • the new landmarks ahead
  • the importance of scenario thinking

This webinar is led by Karla Raines, Master Strategist, Creator of the Differentiation Zone®, and Owner + Principal at Corona Insights. Karla will walk participants through her Bounce-Back Plan Primer and Template to help organizations make a plan for crisis management, scenario planning and constant adaptations over the next two years and beyond.

What people are saying about the Bounce-Back Plan:

  • “This is such great thinking.”
  • “It’s digestible.”
  • “You give us concrete, tangible, and actionable steps to take.”
  • “It’s inspirational.”

About the Speaker

Karla Raines

Master Strategist, Creator of the Differentiation Zone®, and Owner + Principal at Corona Insights

Karla Raines didn’t pick up a paintbrush until 2012, though she’s been creating works of art for her clients in the form of compelling strategic plans for over twenty years. Effortlessly moving seemingly disparate elements into a curated and cohesive whole, Karla provides purpose-driven organizations with sought-after clarity and focus.

As principal and co-owner of Corona Insights, a highly-regarded research and strategy firm based in Denver, Karla has helped hundreds of organizations craft their strategic plans. Along the way, she devoted over 10,000 hours to mastering the art of strategy. A highly skilled associative thinker, Karla uses her intuition and both sides of her brain to make cognitive leaps. She sees new opportunities in a shifting strategic landscape and conveys them in ways that build buy-in and excitement for her clients.

Karla’s latest creation is an unprecedented and field-tested strategic analysis model: Differentiation Zone®. Hands-on experience, trial and error, and a pivotal eureka moment in 2018 led her to create a tool that aids purpose-driven organizations to answer two essential questions: Why does your organization matter? Why should it matter to me?

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