Managing Your Money Now and Into the Future

Who’s thinking about retirement? It may feel like lightyears away or frankly unattainable. There are several ways creative entrepreneurs, contractors and small business owners can strategically start saving and planning for retirement. Start now, get organized and play the financial management long-game. It’s important to be mindful and have a plan — there are incentives to do so. This webinar will provide practical tips and handouts to manage cash flow and budgeting now, and implement strategies to prepare for the future.

This webinar is presented by AIGA Colorado and CBCA. It will be led by Annie Kiser, Financial Advisor with Maia Wealth.

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About the Speaker

Annie Kiser

Financial Advisor, Maia Wealth

Annie is a series 65 licensed Financial Advisor on a mission to educate and empower her clients to become savvy and confident stewards of their money. She was drawn to Wealth Management and financial planning after experiencing the emotional impact of financial anxiety in her own life. Through goal setting, strategic management, and competent planning, she transformed her relationship with money. As a fiduciary advisor, her process involves getting to know clients by listening deeply to their passions, concerns, goals, and objectives and co-creating a plan that brings structure, clarity, and abundance to their lives. She is particularly fond of working with anyone who seeks to connect more deeply with their money and their purpose.