LAAN Meet-Up: Tour of Sand Creek Massacre Exhibit

Join the Leadership Arts Alumni Network (LAAN) for the first meet-up of 2023. Together, we’ll experience a private tour of the new exhibit at the History Colorado Center, The Sand Creek Massacre: The Betrayal that Changed Cheyenne and Arapaho People Forever.

Tour capacity is limited to 20 people. The tour will begin at 3:30 pm. Afterward, folks are invited to continue the conversation at Leven Deli & Wine Bar a few blocks away.

The Sand Creek Massacre was the deadliest day in Colorado’s history, and it changed Cheyenne and Arapaho people forever. At sunrise on November 29, 1864, the US Army attacked a camp of mostly women, children, and elders on Big Sandy Creek in southeastern Colorado. The soldiers murdered more than 230 peaceful people.

History Colorado is telling the history of that betrayal from the perspectives of Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal representatives, drawn from oral histories that have been passed down for generations. Cheyenne and Arapaho people continue living with the unresolved trauma the massacre left behind. For many Cheyenne and Arapaho people, the Sand Creek Massacre isn’t just history, it’s family history.

These informal Leadership Arts Alumni Network (LAAN) Meet-Ups are designed to continue the cultural curiosity, learning and networking you enjoyed during the Leadership Arts program. Keep an eye out for more later this year!

Thank You to Our Leadership Arts Sponsor