ArtsConnect: Shiki Dreams immersive art exhibit by Prismajic

CBCA Members are invited to an exclusive night of Shiki Dreams, an immersive art exhibit created by Prismajic.

Named the 4th Best Immersive Art Experience in the country by USA Today in 2021, Shiki Dreams is an immersive exploratory walkthrough adventure that transports its visitors to an enchanting, surrealist forest. Shiki Dreams continues the story begun in 2019’s smash hit Natura Obscura, which saw 55,000 visitors. Drawing heavily on traditional Japanese mythology and built by over 25 local artists and creatives, the adventure combines art and cutting-edge technology in novel and imaginative ways to spirit guests away from their everyday experience to a world of creativity and awe. Meditative and stunningly beautiful, the experience is geared towards adults but also loved by kids.

CBCA members will receive up to two tickets for a designated time slot. Timed ticket slots will be assigned by follow up email. Space is limited!

For the best experience, arrive at least 10 minutes before your assigned time. You will need a smart phone to use the guide app to stations within the exhibit and earphones to experience the custom soundtrack.

ArtsConnect events are an exclusive CBCA member benefit. ArtsConnect events are first come, first served. Tickets may be limited by capacity at the venue.

Registration links are available in the monthly member newsletters. If you’re a CBCA member or employee of a CBCA member company, and you’d like to attend this event, you can also contact and request the registration link.

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