Thank you for your interest in CBCA’s board of directors. Our application for board membership will provide you with more information about the role and will help our board learn more about you.


To learn more about CBCA’s mission, vision, core values, inclusivity statement and history, please go to:

Board of Directors Purpose

CBCA is served by an active governance board. The primary role of the board is to promote and fulfill the organization’s mission. The three primary roles of the board include (but are not limited to):

  • establishing mission and direction,
  • ensuring the necessary resources of funds and leadership and to implement the mission,
  • providing strategic and fiduciary stewardship, as well support and oversight of the executive director,
  • and ensuring the organization is managed in a sustainable, equitable and community-driven manner.

To ensure all board candidates understand the State of Colorado’s legal expectations for participation on a nonprofit board, please read the governance section of the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Colorado.

 Expectations & Duties

CBCA believes that a rewarding board experience provides benefit to the organization, the communities we serve and the individual serving on the board. To that end, CBCA not only developed expectations for board service, but we are also interested in hearing what you hope to gain personally and professionally by joining CBCA’s board of directors. CBCA is committed to equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility in all our programs, initiatives, and decision-making processes.

CBCA’s Expectations of Board Members

  • Time & Talent: CBCA values the time you spend volunteering as a board and committee member, as well as the talent and expertise you could bring to this role.
    • Time: Board members are encouraged to attend and actively participate in our nine board meetings per year, as well as the annual retreat. Participation on at least one of our multiple board committees is encouraged. As an ambassador of CBCA, board members are encouraged to promote and attend CBCA events and programs.
    • Talent: We are interested in any special skills or talents board members could bring to CBCA to support our mission and the communities we serve.
  • Treasure & Ties: CBCA relies on the generosity and influence of its board members to build membership and sustain programmatic and operational functions.
    • Treasure: The treasure our board members contribute may include individual donations, corporate sponsorships, membership, and table/ticket purchases. Membership in CBCA is required for all board members, either personally or through the member’s company or employer. All board members are encouraged to give a gift that is significant to them, but there is not a formal board give or get policy.
    • Ties: The connections and introductions our board members bring to CBCA are vital to the organization’s fundraising efforts and help grow an inclusive CBCA circle of members and friends, including assisting in recruiting new leaders and volunteers.

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