Tell us about you:

Flamboyán seeks to leverage technology to bring stories by young and diverse writers to a global audience while contributing to the local community. Our flagship program, Emerging BIPOC Playwright’s Project (EBPP), launched in February 2023 to give opportunities to local BIPOC writers and theater artists. We have a staged reading April 22, 2023 and our first show premieres October 6, 2023.

Share a story of how your organization engages with the business sector (i.e. sponsorship, volunteerism, etc.):

The EBPP has found sponsorship from Denver Arts & Venues, Bonfils Stanton, and is also working with Redline Contemporary Art Center, where our program’s classes take place, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, whose Holiday Theater will host our first show, which is written by local artist and musician Diego Florez. We also had our launch party at Raices Brewery.

How is your organization supporting the creative economy?

We are placing an emphasis on Denver talent, on stage and backstage, rather than outsourcing to fill roles. We are providing local artists the opportunity to work on compelling, complex stories that aren’t normally produced here. We are also teaching our writers how to produce their own work and give opportunities to others moving forward.

Why are you involved with CBCA?
Jon Marcantoni, Flamboyán Productions Founder and Producer

Jon Marcantoni, Flamboyán Productions Founder and Producer

I am involved in CBCA because I believe in the importance of community in promoting more equitable opportunities for artists of all background. CBCA provides essential work to bridge the gap between artistic expression and the business of the arts.

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