Can I Post This? Putting Creative Content Online (Denver StartupWeek)

We operate in a virtual marketplace of video and design where creative content reigns. Especially since 2020, we’ve seen an explosion of online content in all sectors. When creating online media using third-party content, you have to ask yourself: Can I post this? Do I have the rights to use this music in my promo video? Can I use this photo on my webpage? Do I have permission to share this (video, song, image) on my (website, social media, blog)? And, how do I protect my own creative content when its shared online? This presentation will explain the law and concepts that underlie the answers to these questions. The interactive conversation will provide general guidance on integrating and distributing content on digital platforms as well as basic copyright and licensing concepts.

Presented by Colorado Attorneys for the Arts (CAFTA), this presentation will be led by Dave Ratner, lead attorney at Creative Law Network.

This webinar is part of the DESIGNER Track during Denver Startup Week.