PrintFolio is a limited edition suite of four, original fine art prints by well-known Denver artists. This project aims to highlight Denver’s vibrant visual arts scene and encourage art collecting in the community. Proceeds benefit CBCA Leadership Arts, a training program for people interested in serving on nonprofit arts and cultural boards of directors. Leadership Arts Alumni Network spearheaded this effort.

PrintFolio is $500 and includes one of each of the four prints that follow. Call CBCA at 303-282-5135 to order.

Theresa Haberkorn
In Between the Spaces, 2010
Four color wood cut print
Paper 20″ x 15″ Arches cover white, 100% cotton acid free
Edition of 100

Theresa Haberkorn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994 from the University of South Florida in printmaking. She has since exhibited her woodblock prints in national and regional galleries and exhibitions. Most recently, she exhibited her woodblock prints at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder and the Steamboat Springs Art Council, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her work can be found in the collections of the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado and the Vail Plaza Hotel in Vail, Colorado.

In June of 2006, she was artist-in-residence at the Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim. Haberkorn has taught woodblock printmaking with the Lifelong Learning Program in Boulder, Art Students League of Denver and in her studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Mark Lunning
Mutual Thoughts, 2010
Two plate polymer etching with collé
Paper 20″ x 15″ Arches cover white, 100% cotton acid free
Edition of 100

Seeking to pursue his career in intaglio printmaking, Mark Lunning opened Open Press Ltd. in Denver in 1989. Lunning also works as a Master Printer in the production of other artists’ work in addition to creating his own. Open Press provides a studio for professional artists to make prints in an environment that encourages growth and learning. He has worked with many of the region’s finest artists including Dale Chisman, Joellyn Duesberry, Doris Laughton, Tony Ortega and Dave Yust.

As a teacher of printmaking at Art Students League of Denver, Lunning is dedicated to educating students about traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques. As an artist, Lunning continues to experiment with innovative printmaking techniques in his own work.

Jim Milmoe
Ryõan-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan, 2010
Photo polymer etchings
Paper 15″ x 20″ Arches cover white, 100% cotton acid free
Edition of 100

The Ryõan-ji Temple (Dragon Peace Temple) is a Ranzi Zen Buddhist Temple. Founded in 1450, the Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kyoto, Japan. Zen priests have asserted that through intense meditation in the Karesansui garden of the Temple, it is possible to catch a glimpse of infinity in its landscape.

The etchings were created from three photos taken within the garden: hikite, the door pull, chozubachi, the high stone water basin and kakehi, the bamboo spout on the chozubachi.

Jim Milmoe began his photography career in Pennsylvania before moving to Colorado more than 50 years ago. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Denver. He is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of America and the recipient of the Colorado Governor’s Award bestowed upon him for excellence in photography and dedication to the recognition of photography as a fine art. His photographs have been collected by the Art Institute of Chicago, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, Denver Art Museum, CO and Museum of Modern Art, NY.

Tony Ortega
Teatro de la Calle, 2010
Two plates, three color polymer etching with collé
Paper 15″ x 20″ Arches cover white, 100% cotton acid free
Edition of 100

Tony Ortega’s art reflects the Latino experience through individual slices of life in the community, the family and other sectors of urban and rural society work. Traditionally, individuals in his work are faceless, important only to the extent that they help define the group/community interacting and participating in rituals, social settings and group functions.

Incorporating elements of magical realism, Ortega’s work confronts reality and attempts to untangle it, to understand the mystery of life and human events.

Tony Ortega received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado. His work is featured in collections throughout Colorado and the nation, including the Denver Art Museum. Numerous awards include both the Governor’s and the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

To order a PrintFolio please call CBCA at 303-282-5135.