Arts + Outdoor Recreation Forum

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Uhl

In partnership with Something Independent to kick off The Wright, CBCA’s Arts + Outdoor Recreation Forum will focus on how the arts can elevate outdoor brands by telling unique stories, differentiating products in a crowded marketplace, building brand loyalty and providing opportunities for memorable experiences and community engagement. Forum speakers include Smartwool, Icelantic and Topo Designs.

CBCA’s Arts + Industry Forum Series offers engaging discovery sessions that bring together experts and stakeholders from a variety of arts and business sectors. By fostering a community dialogue, these forums highlight timely issues, inspire action and raises awareness on how arts interact and influence specific industries. 2019 Arts + Industry Forums include Arts + Healthcare, Arts + Outdoor Recreation, Arts + Finance and Arts + Energy.


About the artist:

Sarah Uhl is a self-taught artist from Carbondale, Colorado whose work is motivated by her own relationship to nature.  She uses art as a tool to convey environmental and humanitarian messages.  Her primary areas of focus are water conservation, climate change, public land protection and mental wellness with a unique focus on spreading kindness. She aims to put her passion into action (through art) and inspire something similar in those who enjoy her works.

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