CBCA’s Business for the Arts Awards Eligibility Requirements

Eligible organizations for the Impact, Philanthropy and Workspace categories are for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies whose primary purpose or mission statement is NOT focused on the nonprofit arts and/or culture sector.  For-profit creative businesses such as architectural firms, design companies and galleries may apply.

Eligible individuals for the John Madden, Jr., Leadership Award include business, civic and community leaders that have made significant contributions to the arts in Colorado.  Board and committee members as well as volunteers of arts and cultural groups are eligible to apply.  Paid staff and/or executives are not eligible.

Eligible organizations for the Create Award are for-profit creative business in following sectors:

  • Design
  • Film & Media
  • Heritage
  • Literary & Publishing
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts & Crafts
  • Culinary Arts & Craft Beverages


Ineligible Organizations/Individuals:

  • Nonprofit arts and cultural groups and their staff
    • Examples of ineligible nonprofit groups include but are not limited to:
      • Museums
      • Theatre companies
      • Choirs, symphonies, orchestras
      • Arts and cultural centers
      • Writing centers
      • Arts service organizations
  • Individual artists include but are not limited to:
    • Musicians
    • Literary writers
    • Actors
    • Visual Artists
    • Dancers
    • Singers
  • City/Community Arts Councils
  • Public Sector Agencies whose primary mission is to promote, preserve, support, etc. the arts
    • Examples of ineligible public sector agencies include but are not limited to:
      • Scientific and Cultural Facilities District
      • Arts & Venues Denver
      • Colorado Creative Industries
  • Community, City, County or State Governments
    • Examples include but are not limited to:
      • City and County of Denver
      • State of Colorado

Nonprofit arts and cultural groups and individual artists are encouraged to apply for the Denver Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts.  Community, City or County Governments are encouraged to apply for the Governor’s Arts Awards.

Questions?  Call CBCA at 303-282-5135 or write us at main@cbca.org.