It’s wonderful to take a step away from the professional world and appreciate all the creative things going on in our great city.  The behind-the-scenes tour of the Molly Brown mansion highlighted a local gem and the great people who are keeping the history of our city alive.
Laura Grant, United Launch Alliance

I attended the CBCA invitation to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra presentation of ”Slava!” on Oct 17, 2010 with my father (former University of Denver professor of music), and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The Symphony was in top form, the piano soloist was excellent, and the conducting was both intense, and entertaining.  I have been to several of the CBCA events now (including another interesting event; “Exposure:  Photos from the Vault” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum), and I really appreciate your organization, and the ability to help show a little of the arts to the business community. I often don’t have the time to find out what events are going on in a city that really has developed and nurtured the arts, so your periodic emails and free tickets to some of these events really helps me get out and appreciate the culture that Denver has to offer.
Jeff Keats, United Launch Alliance

Thank you so much for the invitation to the Black American West Museum to participate in the CBCA Leadership Arts Board Fair last Wednesday. It was a terrific opportunity for Nick Ridley, a BAWM volunteer and me to talk with prospective volunteers and to see other organizations’ activities and events. You know, the CBCA event is networking at its best! Denver is blessed with so many cultural opportunities. See you next year!
JoKatherine, Black American West Museum

Leadership Arts program is fabulous and fills a data void for anyone wanting to serve on the boards of Colorado’s wonderful arts organizations as well as for those of us that are already serving but needed to know more about their responsibilities. I fall into that later category, serving on the board of a very small non-profit. Even having worked for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC 13 years, CBCA has amazed me with the amount of new information made available, the breadth of the topics covered and the quality of the presentations. I’ll be digesting what I’ve learned from the Leadership Arts program for years to come.
Evanne Browne, Leadership Arts, 2009-2010

My participation in the CBCA’s Leadership Arts program has given me amazing access to influential Denver leaders. Each speaker provided a unique inside perspective on their organizations, and offered relevant advice learned through years of experience. I have also made wonderful connections with my fellow participants from diverse industries.
Stephanie Friday, Leadership Arts, 2009-2010

I have taken something away from each session that has been useful in my capacity as President of the Colorado Arts and Crafts Society. Highlights for me have been the discussion on funding and the financial commitment expected of board members (the discussion on “Give or Get” was very informative), the interaction with Gully Stanford regarding retaining the arts in schools was stimulating (Gully’s enthusiasm for his subject matter is infectious) and the last session describing “Cultural Tourism” was a new and exciting concept for me. All in all, it has been a great program and I look forward to applying some of what I have learned in very practical ways.
Mark Davidson, CBCA Board Member, Leadership Arts, 2009-2010

WoW! That was an amazing experience. Thanks for what you do; I wouldn’t have found out what this sort of production felt like otherwise.
(referencing a dress rehearsal of Colorado Ballet’s Nutcracker)
Steve Ulethe, United Launch Alliance 

I just wanted to say thank you for the free tickets to the Butterfly Pavilion last weekend. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I’m not sure which was more exciting, having Rosie [the tarantula] walk along her hand or having butterflies land on her. Regardless, it was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you very much!
Deb Kozak, United Launch Alliance

Curious Theatre Company has been fortunate to have had a wonderful and collaborative relationship with the CBCA, and the impact of graduates from their Leadership Arts program on our organizational growth and success has been tremendous. In our early years, it was sometimes challenging to find qualified and committed board members, yet we could always count on Leadership Arts graduates to bring a tremendous skill-set and preparation to our board, and those same trustees have continued to contribute remarkably to our organization throughout our entire 12 year history.
Chip Walton, Artistic Director, Curious Theatre

In order to be a great leader, you must first be able to be a great servant. Leadership Arts taught me how to best contribute to an organization through service. Since my participation in the program, I have excelled in my career and subsequently joined two boards for organizations that I am passionate about. Finally, while I aspire to be successful in life, I am more concerned with being significant in this world. Leadership Arts helped prepare me to serve and to pursue my significance in this world.
Tameeka Aviles,  TIAA-CREF, Leadership Arts, 2007-2008

I am now on the Boulder County Cultural Council for Tier III SCFD, appointed by the Boulder County Commissioners. We review the Tier III SCFD grants in Boulder County and make recommendations for funding. The Leadership Arts education I received helps me in this capacity as I have a better understanding of what makes a good strong board and organization. All of this is important when applying for SCFD, which is a very comprehensive grant application. CBCA’s Leadership Arts was a great program for me and I am able to apply what I learned about the principles of good board management in my current appointment.
Wendy Phillips, Phillips Consulting, Leadership Arts, 2007-2008

I found that the Leadership Arts training was very helpful as I served as a board member. I probably would never have entertained the notion of serving on any type of board without the training. Additionally, at the time I was nominated to participate in the Leadership Arts program, I was experiencing some dissatisfaction with my job and company. Leadership Arts gave me the mental break I needed to learn new things, reconnect with other values important to me, and ultimately, contributed significantly to my staying with Kaiser Permanente. I am grateful I had the opportunity.
Emily Sandelin, Kaiser Permanente, Leadership Arts 2000-2001

Participating in the CBCA Leadership Arts program has enriched my life both professionally and personally. The Leadership Arts program provided me with the knowledge, tools and confidence to participate and take a leadership role in the development of a “grass roots” board called the Japanese American Resource Center of Colorado (JARCC) from the initial idea stage all the way through to obtaining our 501(c)3 status. The Leadership Arts program has also allowed me to develop professionally at CH2M HILL; utilizing the the skills that I had learned through CBCA has opened up the opportunity to lead our employee network group called SHARE, which stands for Sharing Across Respective Ethnicities.
Michael Miyamoto, CH2M Hill, Leadership Arts, 2006-2007