Q. Is CBCA a grantmaking organization?
A. No.

Q. How is CBCA funded?
A. CBCA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and  relies on membership and event revenues, grants and donations. We do not receive Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) funding.

Q. How can individuals interested in getting involved with CBCA contribute?
A. The best way is through being a member and taking advantage of CBCA member offerings. Ongoing opportunities for volunteers are limited, but there are events and committees where there may be possibilities. Please call CBCA if you are interested.

Q. Can CBCA promote individual artists?
A. No.

Q. Are CBCA’s 990s available?
A. Yes, please contact us.

Q. Can CBCA promote nonprofit arts and cultural fundraisers?
A. CBCA policy is not to promote other organizations’ fundraisers, however it is possible for organozations to offer specials on arts and cultural events and programs to our membership. Please contact CBCA to discuss these opportunities.

Q. Will CBCA share its membership list?
A. No.

Q. How big is CBCA’s annual budget?
A. Approximately $300,000.